FAQ Sentinel ultrasonic bird | pigeon | cat | fox repeller


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We get many questions about the Sentinel ultrasonic bird | pigeon | cat | fox repeller and I hope the answers shown below are helpful. The electronic devices work and work well, but when dealing with nature, they have limits. The units work by creating an environment that creatures want to move away from. However, it’s a subtle and gentle approach to pest control. The repellers are not an invisible glass wall or some kind of futuristic ray- gun. They simply help prevent animals and birds from settling in the area you want to protect.


image showing the front panel of the four speaker Sentinel ultrasonic bird, pigeon and fox repeller
4 speaker repeller


Q. Will the repeller stop birds flying over my car or garden?

No. Birds fly at high speed and by the time they hear the sound, they will be out of the zone. You can’t stop a bird from flying overhead or even landing in your garden, but you can deter it from hanging around once it is there.

Q. I don’t want my neighbour to see that I am using the device. Will the ultrasonic repeller work through a window from inside a house?

A. No. Sound will not travel through glass (or a wall, fence, hedge, roof etc).

Q. Does the sound travel through 360 degrees?

A. No. Ultrasonic sound is directional, very much like a torch beam. We sell two variations of the Sentinel ultrasonic repeller. One has a single speaker and the sound travels in only one direction. The other sentinel unit has a speaker pointing to the left, two pointing to the front and one pointing to the right. This give about 300 degrees of coverage.

Q. How much does it cost to run?

A. The power use is very low and the cost is approximately 8p per 24 hrs. Many customers plug the repeller into a timer which is set to operate either in daylight hours for repelling bids, or after dark for nighttime pests.

Q. If I put the repeller in the garden, will it affect my pet dog, cat etc?

If your pets are outdoors and in the area where the repeller is located, then yes, they will be able to hear it.

Q. I have pigeons on the roof. Can I position the repeller inside the loft and point it upwards?

A. No. Sound will not travel through a solid barrier (wall, fence, hedge, roof etc)

Q. I don’t want Rooks, Pigeons or Starlings in the garden, but I do want Robins, Chaffinches, Blue Tits etc. Can I set the device for different species?

A. No. Unfortunately a bird is a bird. You can’t select between the good, the bad and the ugly.

image showing the front panel of the single speaker Sentinel ultrasonic bird, pigeon and fox repeller
single speaker repeller


Q. I have birds / Pigeons in a tree. Can I place the device on the ground and point it vertically upwards?

A. No. The first reason is because when it rains, the speaker that is facing upwards will fill with water, thus stopping the sound getting out. Secondly, leaves on trees act as a filter and in summer the ultrasonic sound won’t be able to penetrate much beyond the first few branches.

Q. What is the best place to position the Sentinel repeller?

A. Importantly, the ultrasonic repeller has to be pointing at the area to want to protect. Any obstacles in the way will create a shadow (think of a torch beam). Often this has to be a compromise between what would be ideal and what is practical. The repeller is mains powered and is supplied with 10 meters of low voltage cable that runs from the standard 13 amp UK plug to the repeller housing. If you want to protect your garden at ground level, ideally you would position the device a few feet off the ground pointing slightly downwards.

Q. How heavy is it?

A. The single speaker unit weight 700 grams. The larger 4 speaker unit weights 1000 grams.




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