Clean resin from woodworking blades, routers and tools in an Ultrasonic Cleaner

How to clean resin from woodworking tools such as routers, blades, profile cutters.

Cleaning resin from woodworking tools such as routers, blades, profile cutters and general CNC machine tooling is an essential but time consuming process, but the chore can now be reduced to a few minutes with an Ultrasonic Cleaner.

The build up of resin from machining Pine, MDF and other woods reduces the efficiency of a tool because the additional friction created by the solid matter generates heat, dulls the cutting edge of the tool thus making a rougher cut.

There are several cleaning fluids on the market, but these require the tool to be soaked before plenty of elbow grease is applied to brush, scrape and wipe the softened resin from the router or cutting blade. Each tool can take from 10-15 minutes of your valuable time to clean. Even the smallest of woodworking businesses can have enough tools to occupy several hours in cleaning time.

All that is needed now is an Ultrasonic Tank and a cleaning solvent (non toxic). The machine does all the work in a matter of minutes whilst you are free to carry on with other things.

Before Ultrasonic Cleaning.

After Ultrasonic Cleaning (5 minute cycle).

Ultrasonic Cleaning process

Place the tools in the tank. Fill with fluid. Turn on. Remove after 5 minutes and wipe with a dry cloth. Done. Simple. And whilst the machine is cleaning, you are free to carry on earning money.

The tools shown above were placed in the ultrasonic cleaner for 5 minutes and run without any heating. The cleaning solution is non-toxic, has a citrus content and smells a little of oranges. It is used neat, directly from the bottle. However, it can be reused until it gets too dirty. The bottle on the left hand side of the photo has been used several times. The bottle on the right is new.

planing woodworking planing tool after ultrasonic cleaning 1

I went to visit one of our customers based in Sheffield, Designer Woodwork Services (DWS Ltd) who had purchased one of our Ultrasonic Cleaners a few weeks previously and I was curious to see how the machine was performing. I met the owner, Dan, who very kindly took time out of his busy day to demonstrate how he has quite literally saved many hours every month in time spent cleaning machine tools. And as Dan, a true Yorkshireman says, “time is money”.

Dan runs a small but very busy business manufacturing bespoke joinery products that use machines ranging from 100 years old (and still being used every day!) to a modern planer /profiler costing around £38,000. A planing tool can cost around £6000, so keeping it free from resin build-up is time well spent. DSW ltd purchased a 6Ltr Ultrasonic Cleaner from us that was large enough to hold most of his tools.

As Dan said, “the purchase price was £190 well spent”. And went on to explain that he now cleans all his machining tools as a matter of course.

More information on Ultrasonic Cleaners can be found on our website.

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