Free ultrasonic cleaning fluid with every professional cleaner ordered

Free Ultrasonic Cleaning solution (1 Ltr)

Free Ultrasonic Cleaning solution

We have an amazing offer. Buy any “professional ultrasonic cleaner” and you can select a free 1 Ltr bottle from our range of specialist “Ultrasonic cleaning solutions” to use with your new machine.

2ltr ultrasonic cleaner            3ltr analogue ultrasonic cleaner front panel         3Ltr ultrasonic cleaner

Simply add your chosen Ultrasonic Cleaner to the shopping basket then add any 1 ltr bottle of ultrasonic cleaning solution and the cost will be deducted at the checkout. Easy peazy!

We have cleaning solutions for cleaning jewellery, carburettors, flux removal, oxidization removal and another for sensitive metals. It’s your choice and its FREE.

solution - carb cleaner solution flux1l-main solution oxidisation remover-main

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